In today’s competitive marketplace, effective product promotion is more crucial than ever. One powerful strategy that has gained immense popularity is product filming in a professional studio setting. This method offers an array of benefits that can significantly impact your brand’s image and sales performance. In this article, we’ll delve into the numerous advantages of choosing a studio for your product filming needs and why it’s a strategic investment that can set your brand apart.

Quality and Consistency

Filming products in a studio provides a controlled environment that guarantees consistent lighting, camera angles, and overall quality. This level of precision ensures that your products are showcased in the best possible light, allowing customers to see every detail and feature clearly.

Studio settings offer versatility and creativity unmatched by other locations. With a blank canvas at your disposal, you can tailor the environment to suit your brand’s unique style and message. This flexibility allows for innovative and visually captivating product displays.


A studio offers endless possibilities for customizing the look and feel of your product videos. Using our LED studio we can create seamless white backgrounds to elaborately computer-designed sets, you have complete control over the aesthetics, helping you align your brand with your target audience.

Studio-produced product videos allow you to maintain consistent branding across all your marketing materials. The controlled environment ensures that each video aligns perfectly with your brand’s visual identity and messaging.


Utilizing our LED studio for product filming brings a host of advantages to the table. The advanced lighting technology allows for precise control of illumination, eliminating shadows and ensuring consistent, flawless product presentation. This results in high-quality visuals that highlight every detail, enhancing the overall appeal of your products. Additionally, our LED studios offer versatile background options, enabling seamless customization to align with your brand’s aesthetic. The ability to control lighting and backgrounds instantly streamlines the filming process, reducing production time and costs. With these benefits, our LED studio becomes an indispensable asset for creating compelling product videos that captivate and convert customers effectively.


This was a film Firebird was brought onto to provide all the food studio content. This was immense fun to film and it made us very hungry.

By using a white cove that could be lit from behind. This allowed us to have full control over all the lighting.


Our team was asked to travel out to Texas, US to produce a film for NXP. This project was to highlight NXP’s safety radar product for the motor industry. This video was used at CES to explain and demo their product.



Deirdre is the wife of the famous James Dyson. She has built a business of stunning handmade carpets. This was a film shot out in Kathmandu Nepal. Deirdre wanted us to capture the process of how her carpets get designed and made.







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